Elizio Santos

Devarim, devarim...



You had all my love for you,
Etched in fire, perpetually, in my diamond heart,
However, you managed to break what was unbreakable!
My love for you...

And now, this diamond heart,
That one day was beautiful,
Bleed fire...

Love and hate living in the same house,
Even if I live a thousand years,
And let my heart boil at a thousand degrees,
Yet my heart will seek peace...

All you did was make my heart diamond sacred,
A black and putrid blood of his contempt for my love,
I gave you everything I could have given,
Even my freedom!

And what have you done with this precious possession?
Nothing... nothing... nothing!
Today my heart bleeds in silence...

And now, my love?
Gustavo Miranda
Enviado por Gustavo Miranda em 04/08/2017
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